Go developer

We are looking for a great Go developer who possesses a strong understanding of how best to leverage and exploit the language’s unique paradigms, idioms, and syntax. Your primary focus will be on developing Go packages and programs that are scalable and maintainable. You will ensure that these Go packages and programs are well documented and has a reasonable test coverage. You will coordinate with the rest of the team working on different layers of the infrastructure. A commitment to collaborative problem solving, sophisticated design, and quality product is essential

About the project:

In the past years we developed a mobile event app solution which will now undergo a heavy reconstruction as we are completely switching technology stacks. We move away from the old fashioned PHP backend to a cloud oriented microservice architecture mainly written in Go. Also other components such as the mobile app frontends and the web application well be technologically and functionally redesigned.


Experience with migrating PHP to cloud architecture using GO

Experience with GO/Golang

Experience with cloud

Apprenticeship program

At Plugin Africa, we envision a world where African Software Engineers achieve great things!

Our Apprentices Program is geared towards new developers without professional coding experience and provides the tools and guidance to get ramped up to working in a production environment. The Apprentice Program will be a 24 month (~40 hour/week) unpaid contract position here at P.I.A office in Mombasa, with the potential for a full time offer to join our Engineering team.

We are looking for hard-working individuals who love to learn and are hungry to improve their abilities. You will be paired with a team of fantastic engineers working on a specific product or objective, and get an opportunity to hone your skills in a collaborative setting. Plugin Africa is committed to fostering a sense of community, supporting each other, and growing together.

The apprenticeship program is designed to run concurrently with theory studies offered by online institutions with Plugin Africa providing the practical training facility to complement classroom learning. These training components provide the necessary combination of knowledge and skills to enable the apprentices to graduate as well rounded and qualified Software Engineers


What we look for:

Undergrads with  appropriate grades aspiring to become Software Engineer’s in the following disciplines:

  • Application Software Engineer
  • Systems Software Engineer

Our business needs dictate how many apprenticeship places by discipline are made available at each intake.

To be considered you must:

  • have successfully completed Bsc In Computer Science or related field with a min of 1st class honors (preferred) or 2nd class upper
  • be proactive and self disciplined
  • Has passion for coding
  • Have basic coding knowledge
  • between 18yrs – 24yrs of age
  • be a Kenya citizen.

Apply to the apprenticeship by uploading your resume on www.plugin-Africa.com, also email to abu.zubedi@plugin-Africa.com

Submissions are due September 28th 2019


DevOps specialist with KUBERNETES migration and building process experience required

JOB specs (Deadline 30th Sep, 2019)

Branch: IT & Services, Software-Development

Employment Type: Contract basis

Workplace: Mombasa, Kenya.

Work experience: min 3+ years in software development DevOp (2+ yrs with Kubernetes)

Education: Bachelor of Science or similar


1. Preparing Infrastructure
2. Writing Dockerfiles and Kubernetes-Manifests
3. Support on build process & deploy process
4. DI/CD with Jenkins
5. Support on creating migration concept
6. Workshop for DevOp
7. Conduct design and code reviews
8. Analyse and improve efficiency, scalability, and stability of various components

Required Skills
– Must be familiar with Linux and Mac Environment
– Must be familiar with Tools such as: docker, kubectl, Jenkins, Fastlane.io, GITLab
– Must be familiar with Consoles such as: Dockerfiles, Bash-Scripts, Python-Scripts, JSON-Files,
– Must have expeirience with iOS: Build Scripts for Mac, Fastlane.io
– Must have experience with Android: Build Scripts, Fastlane.io
– Experience in test driven development and testing tools
– Knowledge of functional programming
– Fluent in English


Angular specialist with Angular 6 experience


Employment Type: Contract

Workplace: Mombasa, Kenya.


Senior Ruby on Rails Developer with 8yrs experience


Employment Type: Contract basis

Workplace: Mombasa, Kenya.