Business intelligence analyst (Deadline 30th Sep, 2021)

Is playing with data and teaching business stakeholders how to use it effectively your idea of a fun career? As our Business Intelligence Analyst, your main focus will be to design, implement, and document a business intelligence system across our different product lines. You’ll be joining other analysts at our distributed offices. You will be part of the broader agile and geographically-dispersed BI team, focused on facilitating a company culture of innovative data driven decisions. You will work cross-functionally with managers, team leads, and data-hungry employees to provide digestible, impactful, and actionable business insights.

You’ll be heavily focused on supporting our Travel product line. Your mission is to cultivate an expert familiarity with our distinct business processes and flows, with the ultimate goal of empowering employees with the insights necessary to excel. By combining your business acumen with your unparalleled knowledge of our multiple underlying data models, you will build flexible reports and dashboards. These tools will be optimized to serve most day-to-day business needs and will ensure that our deliverables meet the highest possible caliber of data integrity.

Intrigued? Read on for more details.

What will you achieve in the next 12 months?

• Observe data needs and usage across departments and keep your colleagues informed of the latest improvements in our data reporting systems. Be an advocate for data and data governance across the organization.

• Build, maintain, and improve upon models and dashboards in Looker, ensuring that every team feels confident in finding what they need and is informed in their decision-making. Consistent and thorough documentation of key fields and tables will be essential for driving engagement within the organization.

• Prepare comprehensive reports and analyses in response to ad hoc data and insight requests and as part of your own explorative curiosity.

• Work closely with cross-functional teams to ensure that data and reporting in our systems is accurate and effective

Requirements What skills will you need most? This role will require someone to be especially strong in these areas:

• Problem solving and analytical abilities the ability to understand a problem, break it down and execute to provide the answer. Beyond analyzing the problem in its own right, you must be able to triage incoming problems and discern the relative importance and urgency of new and existing problems in order to prioritize your work effectively.

• Working with complex SQL statements and LookML files.

• Proactive communication.

• Ability to connect and apply learnings from one group to another across the organization, including meta-analyses of our own work

• If you’ve done APIs in Python or with other back-end languages such as Java or C++, such skills are highly desirable.

• If you’ve used Looker or similar BI tools, we’d definitely like to talk!

All resumes to be uploaded at the link below