Senior Artificial Intelligence (AI) Architect (Deadline 01/12/21)

This position is for a Senior Artificial Intelligence (AI) Architect. The mission of the AI group is to foster collaborations across the product groups at the HQ. This group helps to solve the organization’s most difficult challenges based on leading AI and machine learning technologies. We work with business partners in order to identify specific business problems to which artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques can be applied. The group is also chartered with exploring the boundaries of big data analytics both in existing business units as well as emerging opportunities including areas in robotics, machine vision, UAVs, speech processing, and Blockchain/Distributed Ledger technologies.

We are looking for an experienced technical contributor to lead at the forefront of cutting-edge artificial intelligence applications. You will build AI systems and explore conceptually new solutions in a fast-paced environment. You will be at the heart of a growing and exciting focus area and work with variety of its business units (including manufacturing, security services, industrial equipment and asset management, as well as other units) to apply artificial intelligence techniques to our most difficult problems.

Duties & Responsibilities

  • Utilize Artificial Intelligence(AI) and big data analysis methods to work within cross-functional teams to engage the internal clients and broader customer base, comprehend the internal client’s problems, develop strategic analytical products, support requirements analysis, inform the creation of strategic plans for business transformation, including understanding clients’ most complex business challenges, architecting a solution that delivers a measurable outcome, testing the solution, and implementing the transformation.
  • Apply extensive domain expertise and business acumen to develop multiple insights and theories for complex problems in the Industrial, Manufacturing and Security spaces that require the regular use of ingenuity and creativity and deep understanding of existing methods and solutions.
  • Extract qualitative and quantitative relationships, including patterns and trends from a wide variety of data.
  • Use technical and analytical expertise to explore and examine data from multiple disparate Big Data sources with the goal of discovering patterns and previously hidden insights that can provide a competitive advantage or address a pressing mission problem.
  • Analyze and implement analysis infrastructure and tools, analytic workflow processes, and complex data visualizations and leverage foundational comprehension of mathematical and statistical concepts, algorithm development, feature engineering, model selection, training testing and validation of different models, pipeline generation, and domain expertise to bridge the gap between decision makers and technical experts, ensuring data or modeling solutions meet business requirements.
  • Contribute to the development of strategies for deploying AI techniques into existing business, development of road map and requirements analysis considering both AI and business potential analysis.
  • Develop new concepts and experiments for variety of these ideas, translate these ideas into executable action plans, and communicate these plans to a diverse client base.
  • Offer technical mentorship to develop younger talent within the group.


  • MS or PhD in computer science, electrical engineering, applied mathematics, data science, physics, statistics or related field
  • 5+ years of experience with data analysis in high performance computing, machine learning, big data analysis or related areas, deep understanding of machine learning and cloud services like AWS
  • Deep expertise in neural networks, convolutional neural networks, random forests, classifiers, feature representations, AI / Artificial Intelligence and/or related techniques.
  • Confident in the development of quantitative models for Industrial systems (reliability data, sensor data) supply chain big data analysis, revenue forecasting, or similar problems using machine learning.
  • Experience in modern machine learning approaches and statistics. Advanced proficiency with at least one statistical computing language for data analysis, such as R or Python
  • Ability to communicate effectively with internal clients or other quantitative analysts and programmers using expertise in hardware or software technologies.
  • Experienced in bringing AI systems into production and working with production teams.

Preferred Qualifications

  • An understanding of industry and technology trends in said area of application (security, manufacturing, consumer products and supply chain).
  • Experience with providing project management support for large data analytics and data quality management projects, including providing planning, scheduling, and deployment support.
  • Experience with working in a big data environment and addressing data operations and quality issues therein.
  • Knowledge of relational database concepts, data mining, data warehouses, decision support tools, and programming languages, including SQL, SAP, etc.
  • Ability to accommodate some travel, if necessary.

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Snr. Go developer (Deadline 30th November, 2021)

Job Description:

We are looking for a Go developer, to be a key member of a dynamic, forward-thinking and ambitious software engineering team. This team is responsible for the design, development, and support of our digital monetization platform. In this role, you will utilize your years of experience to design and implement software that is maintainable, scalable, and highly testable with automation.

This is not “just” a back-end development role; This person will be required to write a ton of data serving APIs in a serverless, stateless architecture feeding our data engine. Someone who needs no hand holding and is quite comfortable being the point person on complex projects. Someone that can code circles around most people. You built it, you own it, and are confident with the outcome.

What you will do:

· You will have freedom to collaborate and perform at the highest level and still have time to pursue your personal passions.
· Work with an extended team of back-end developers to develop creative & unique ways of driving growth through product and funnel optimization.
· Participate in the complete life-cycle of product features: inception, design, development, deployment & optimization.

What we are looking for in you:

· Extreme attention to detail, and the ability to resolve operational issues through quick thinking, problem solving and appropriate action.
· 4-6 years of experience developing medium to large scale back-end or web applications in a team-based environment.
· Excellent project management abilities, capable of prioritizing and handling multiple projects simultaneously under time constraints.
· The ability to work directly with front-end developers, data analysts, and an email marketing team, to address their requests & solve issues related to our front-end application, data warehousing & reporting systems, email marketing systems, etc.

Required skill sets:

* Very strong understanding of the Go programming language
· Strong understanding of:
o Pointers
o Data serialization: JSON, XML, etc
o Concurrency
o Testing: unit,integration, system
o RESTful APIs:developing highly performant API endpoints and integrating with partner/third party API endpoints
o Debugging: backend application code, OS/infrastructure issues, frontend code specific to backend API calls
o Linux: cli(shell), configuration, scripting, performance tuning
o MySQL: queries,indexes, schema optimization
o NoSQL: concepts
o Scalability: code, architectures, data storage
o Job queue systems: queues, async worker processing
o Environments: dev, staging, production, and general deployment practices
o GIT:fundamentals, code review / pull requests, merge conflicts etc.
· Thorough documentation: in code when needed, git issues, etc.
· Great communication skills
· A very strong ability to refactor code & enjoy doing it
· Willingness to address/resolve production infrastructure issues “on call”, if issues arise
· Build reusable code and libraries for future use

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